Hot Chocolate Twists You Should Try!

Kids + Snow = Hot Chocolate

Wet boots, snow crusted hats, and rosy cheeks are all I need to see.  Cocoa is on the stove!  There will be many a cup of hot chocolate served from my kitchen this winter.   But don’t be mistaken, cocoa is not just a drink for kids.  Give me a mug full of cocoa and a cozy blanket, and I melt.  I’ve never been one for tea or coffee, but, hot chocolate…now that’s a different story.

Hot chocolate is so easy to make from scratch.  There is a profound difference between a thick, rich mug of homemade hot chocolate and one made from a premeasured packet.  If you’ve never made homemade cocoa, then check out the links below and give it a try.  Whether you try one of these unique flavor twists or just go traditional, packets will be a thing of the past!

hot chocolate 2Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate from The Recipe Critic. 

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate with Nutella from The Sweetest Digs

Vanilla Bean White Hot Chocolate from Salt Tree

 Mocha Java Hot Chocolate from Land of Lakes

Smores Hot Chocolate from The Minimalist Baker

Thin Mint Hot Chocolate from Your Home Based Mom

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Chef in Training

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