Grandma’s Famous Cranberry Bread

Way back when, during my first year of teaching, our first grade team was preparing for the annual Thanksgiving feast. It was a tradition to read the book Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende and Henry Devlin and make the recipe for cranberry bread included in the back of the book. It was my assignment to pull this off, and with the assistance of some super hero class moms, the story, feast, and bread were a success!

I didn’t hold out much hope that the cranberry bread would be anything to write home about. Well, considering that I am dedicating an entire blog post to it, it certainly must be.

This bread is simply the best cranberry orange bread that I have ever had. It really is more of a cake/bread hybrid. It is very dense and weighty. It’s not overly sweet or terribly bitter. There is a wonderful orange essence in every bite, and the addition of golden raisins puts this bread over the top. It is requested each and every Thanksgiving and Christmas meal, and there are never any left overs.

Evidence of a beloved recipe lies in the condition of said recipe card, page, or book. My paper copy of this particular recipe is worn, full of stains, and ready to separate at the seams – evidence of regular use and love!

Maybe this Thanksgiving you will read Cranberry Thanksgiving and give grandma’s famous cranberry bread a try. You won’t be disappointed, and you may very well start a new Thanksgiving tradition.


2 thoughts on “Grandma’s Famous Cranberry Bread

  1. Thank you for this recipe. Cranberry Bread is on my list to make for Thanksgiving and I actually was going to look up a recipe. I will try this very one only with freshly ground whole wheat flour and sucanat to make it a bit more wholesome. ~~ Wishing your family a blessed Thanksgiving!


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