An Inconvenient Meeting

As I mentioned in my last post, my son had found a tick embedded inside of his shoulder.  Try as I might I could not remove the tick.  I was on and off the phone with my husband discussing ways to remove the little pest.  My oldest son was scouring the internet in search of … Continue reading An Inconvenient Meeting

Letting Down Your Guard

Yesterday morning my 14 year old son came down stairs visibly flustered.  "There's a tick stuck in me."  I squinted and strained my eyes to try and decipher what I was actually looking at.  This was a speck, no bigger than a grain of sand or the tip of a pin;  it could easily be … Continue reading Letting Down Your Guard

Granola Dipped Fudge Striped Cookies

One of the little perks of blogging is having the opportunity to work with some delicious food products.  Often companies will pass along a few samples in exchange for a write up and blog post about their product.  It's a great way to try new products...for free! The Golden Girl Granola Company is currently hosting … Continue reading Granola Dipped Fudge Striped Cookies

Choosing to Be Mom

In the six short years that followed college graduation, the Lord had changed my heart dramatically.  He had allowed me to see that His way was best.  He had opened the path for a new career and a fresh outlook on family life. Last I left you I was preparing to meet with my principal … Continue reading Choosing to Be Mom

From the Corporate World to Motherhood

I remember having a conversation with a college friend about what our future plans after graduation were.   I wanted a big city job, with a big city paycheck, and big list of accomplishments.   I wanted to dress in my tailored suits, carry a briefcase, commute to New York, and have the corner office.   Married … Continue reading From the Corporate World to Motherhood