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The Best Gluten Free Products

It seems as though with each passing year, there are more and more choices available to those requiring a gluten free diet.  I truly feel blessed to have so many options.

While there are many gluten free products filling the shelves of your local grocery store, I can attest to the fact that not all of them are worth your money.  It can be a daunting task to find a product that is just right.

I would like to highlight a few of the gluten free products that our family has grown to really love.  I will admit that I have yet to test and sample all that the gluten free aisle has to offer, but for now, these items are, in our opinion, some of your best options.

Just a note:  I have not been compensated or contacted by any of the following companies.  I am simply sharing my opinions

  1. Aleias Italian Bread Crumbs – These are the best of the best.  The texture is spot on.  The taste is delicious.  I’ve used them to make crab cakes, chicken cutlets, and eggplant parmesan (to name just a few).  Perfect results every single time!  No other breadcrumb compares.breadcrumbs
  2. Erewhon Corn Flakes – While we do not each much cereal in our home, I typically keep a box or two handy for those mornings where a quick breakfast is needed.  I love the fact that this cereal is gluten free and GMO free.  I also love the ingredient list:  Organic milled corn, Sea salt.  That’s it.  Period.  The cereal has great crunch and flavor.  In a pinch you can crush the cereal and use it for breading (in lieu of breadcrumbs).   corn
  3. Erewhon Crisped Rice Cereal – Again, another great option from Erewhon.  Tasty, simple, organic, gluten & GMO free.  Three ingredients is all it takes:  Organic brown rice, Organic brown rice syrup, Sea salt.  I love to include these crispy bits in my homemade granola.erewhon
  4. Bob’s 1 to 1 Gluten Free Baking Flour – This flour has been life changing (as far as cooking goes).  Every baked item comes out perfect each and every time.  It does what the name says.  You can substitute equals parts of any all purpose flour for Bob’s 1 to 1.  It will be nearly impossible to notice the difference.  This is my go to flour for cookies, muffins, and quick bread.  I also use it when making homemade gravy.   There is no aftertaste, no grit, no strange feeling in your mouth.  It is simply the best!  flour
  5. Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake Mix – I typically bake most everything from scratch.  However, I make an exception when it comes to cake.  I make that exception because Betty Crocker has some out of this world gluten free cake mixes.  Both their yellow and devil’s food cake mixes are superb.  cupcake
  6. Barilla Spaghetti – There are so many different brands of gluten free pasta on the market.  It’s good to have so many options.  I’ve always found that making gluten free spaghetti is challenging.  It has a tendency to stick together in clumps, it can be overcooked very easily (then you’re sunk), and the texture is just a bit off.  Not so with Barilla’s gluten free spaghetti.  The texture is spot on.  It can hold up very well to sauce.  It does not become soggy.  It’s as an authentic tasting spaghetti as there is, gluten free or not.spaghetti
  7. Banza Elbows – This pasta is made with chickpeas.  Yep, chickpeas.  It is chock full of protein resulting in a pasta that is significantly lower in carbs and higher in fiber.  If I am looking for a pasta that is more health conscious, this is the one I choose.banza
  8. Jovial Gluten Free Fusilli – This is my everyday pasta of choice.  It is by far superior to anything else on the market.  If you put this gluten free pasta head to head with any traditional pasta, there would be no telling the difference.  Frankly, I’m confident that Jovial would be superior to any traditional pasta.  The people at Jovial have mastered gluten free pasta making.  The texture is perfect.  The taste is incredible.  Just use it.  Trust me on this one.jovial
  9. Van’s Gluten Free Waffles – I go food shopping once every two weeks.  I purchase one box of Van’s Gluten Free Blueberry Waffles for my boys during each trip.  If I purchased more than that, they’d eat as many as I would buy.  They really do enjoy them.  I agree.  The texture and taste are quite good!waffle
  10. Larabars – These bars are a favorite of my youngest son.  They are a favorite of mine because they contain a handful of simple ingredients.  For example, this Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte Bar contains dates, chocolate chips, almonds, unsweetened cherries, cashews, and sea salt.  What’s not to like about that. Available in a variety of flavors, there is something for everyone.  larabar
  11. Kind Bars – There is a consensus in my house that Kind Bars are the best, especially the dark chocolate cherry cashew.  I don’t consider these bars to be health food but rather an occasional treat or an easy snack for hiking.  There are a wide variety of flavor combinations available.  kindbar
  12. Kind Healthy Grains Dark Chocolate Chunk Squares – Made of a blend of oats, brown rice, millet, oat flour, buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa, these bars have a whole grain base that most other bars don’t.   kind
  13. Late July Sea Salt Multi Grain Tortillas Chips – Crispy, crunchy, authentic flavor all describe these delicious chips.  When they are available at Costco I jump on them.  A small bag tends to be a bit pricey at most regular stores, which usually keeps me away. late-july
  14. Snyder’s of Hanover Gluten Free Pretzels – Addictive pretty much sums it up.  Just as good as a regular pretzel.  The only drawback (which for me is big) is the fact that the company states that some of the ingredients are indeed genetically engineered.  While I was grateful to find this out, I also sighed because we all really enjoy them.  I include them on my list and allow you to make your own call.pretzel

So there you have it, a list of some of the best gluten free pantry staples, along with some tasty snacks and treats.

I do remind you that gluten free does not equate to healthy.  Always read your ingredient lists and make a personal determination as to what is right for your family.   For those who require dedicated gluten free production, please check the package labeling…always.

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