Life’s a journey, right?  Sometimes the road is easy, and sometimes it can get a little bumpy!  Regardless of the road you are on, there is joy to be found!  Join me as I remind myself of the blessings that can be found in Faith, Family, Food, and Fun!

So who writes this blog anyway?

  • I am a wife to my best friend.  He’s put up with me for 26 years…bless him!
  • I am the mother of three wonderful young men – one high schooler and two in college. They keep me on my toes, fill my world with so much love and joy, and at times, make my hair gray!
  • My faith in the Lord is part of who I am, the biggest part, so you can expect to read about it in most of my posts.
  • I love to cook and also dabble in the world of competitive cooking.   I’ve had the opportunity to participate in some of the country’s biggest contests and cook offs.
  • I’m content with the simple things in life like homemade applesauce and the smell of a simmering pot of soup.
  • By choice, I don’t own a microwave.  Some people wonder how in the world I make it by.
  • I don’t have all the answers and am learning each day.

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