Blog Update

For quite some time I have been feeling the not-so-gentle-nudge to do something about this blog, Life in the Van.  I cover such a broad range of topics from faith to family to food, and in the blogosphere, that is no good. Those of you who are interested in reading more about topics related to … Continue reading Blog Update

The $20 Challenge: Never Too Young!

With the first two rounds of The $20 Challenge completed and recorded as successes, my youngest son of ten years old, stepped up for his turn in the ring. He had planned his menu weeks in advance. He couldn't wait to create his favorite meal: cheeseburgers and potato salad. I had approached my son two … Continue reading The $20 Challenge: Never Too Young!

Basil, Beans, and a Buck Too Much: The $20 Challenge

With one round of our family's $20 Cooking Challenge in the books, we sought out our next recruit.  My eldest son stood up and took the challenge.  My oldest son is very organized and to his testament has proven himself to be quite wise with his finances, albeit his limited finances. In preparation for our … Continue reading Basil, Beans, and a Buck Too Much: The $20 Challenge