How Costco Saved My Food Budget

Is it me or are food prices out of control?   It seems as if product quantities are continually shrinking, while their prices are steadily increasing. There is no doubt that trying to feed a family on a budget is challenging.  If you are trying to feed your family healthy meals, the challenge is even greater.  … Continue reading How Costco Saved My Food Budget

The $20 Challenge: Shopping the Sales

Several months ago I challenged my three boys, ages 10-15, to plan, shop, and prepare a meal, for our family of five, for $20 or under. Each of them stepped up and did an awesome job! At that time, I encouraged them to come up with a meal and create a shopping list in order … Continue reading The $20 Challenge: Shopping the Sales

Basil, Beans, and a Buck Too Much: The $20 Challenge

With one round of our family's $20 Cooking Challenge in the books, we sought out our next recruit.  My eldest son stood up and took the challenge.  My oldest son is very organized and to his testament has proven himself to be quite wise with his finances, albeit his limited finances. In preparation for our … Continue reading Basil, Beans, and a Buck Too Much: The $20 Challenge

The Case of the Missing Chicken

Teenagers. I believe that it is no coincidence that most parents begin to go gray at the very time their children become teenagers. Teens have the reputation for being a challenging bunch, and no doubt, they can be at times. I'll admit that my children can vouch for the fact that they have audibly heard … Continue reading The Case of the Missing Chicken