God Wastes Nothing

During our church’s Christmas cantata, I was struck with one small phrase:  “God wastes nothing.”  The words on the screen seemed to penetrate my heart.  I kept repeating them and repeating them in my mind;  I didn’t want to forget those three small words.

In all honesty, there have been times when I have asked the Lord “why?”.  I wish that I could stand before you and tell you that every time a struggle has came my way, I stood ready, with faith like a rock, strong like a mountain, eyes focused only on God.   Yet, there have been times of weakness.  But during those times the Lord has always reminded me: “I have a plan.  I can see the entire picture.  I will use this.”

“God wastes nothing.”

There have been times when I have given into sin and let its grip tighten around me.  Where my actions seem wasteful.  Yet, God has always done nothing less than love me and forgive me during those times.  I simply needed to humble myself and ask.  Each time He has used my struggles for His purpose and turned my mess into a glorious story of His grace and mercy.

“God wastes nothing.”

That’s why Jesus came, so nothing would be wasted.   He lowered himself to come as a baby, to live among men, to be despised and rejected, and to die, so that my life could be redeemed, so that I could have hope, and most importantly, forgiveness and freedom.   He was born and died so that our struggles, our pains, our sin wasn’t a waste.  When we are washed by His cleansing flood, He transforms us and takes all of the complicated and messy parts of us and uses them for His glory.

The months of November, December, and January are special to me.  They are reminders to me, reminders to be thankful for the birth of my Savior and the new life that He gives.

Jesus came so that nothing would be wasted.


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