Are You Willing to Let the Lord Write Your Child’s Testimony?

As parents it is natural to contemplate what paths our children will take.  We look at their strengths and weaknesses and speculate what the future will hold.  We imagine how their lives will unfold.  We hope for smooth sailing, straight roads, and few bumps along the way.  We pray for health and success, safety and … Continue reading Are You Willing to Let the Lord Write Your Child’s Testimony?

Leaving Little For Those We Love

Yesterday I opened the refrigerator door and found this: I'll give you a brief moment to locate the problem (although I am confident that you saw it immediately). Too many eggs?  Yes, but not the problem. Refrigerator way too organized...kind of like it was staged?  Well, yes.  I did indeed tidy up my fridge knowing … Continue reading Leaving Little For Those We Love

How Will My Life Change After the Election?

It was roughly three years ago.  I was in my kitchen preparing lunch.  As I typically did, I turned on the radio to catch up on some news and the political talk of the day.  I listened for no more than five minutes then promptly turned the radio off in frustration.  I dried my hands … Continue reading How Will My Life Change After the Election?

Why This Mom Likes Football

In a day where there are so many things and people vying for the attention of our children, it has become vitally important to stay connected with them.  If we as parents do not create an environment where our children know that they are valued and loved, they will certainly look outside of the home … Continue reading Why This Mom Likes Football

A Fun Family Craft: 3D Snowflakes

With three boys ages ten through nearly fifteen in the house, craft time is, well, becoming a thing of the past (understandably). However, there is one craft that still gets them all, hubby included, to the table to join in: paper snowflakes. We've been making these little gems since the kids were toddlers. It's a … Continue reading A Fun Family Craft: 3D Snowflakes

The 47th Pillsbury Bake Off

"Life in the Van"  took on a whole new meaning this past week as my crew took a road trip to Tennessee.  After the completion of twenty-two hundred  miles of driving, we were left with some awesome memories, ones that I know we will not soon forget! The reason for our trip?  The 47th Pillsbury … Continue reading The 47th Pillsbury Bake Off